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Lil Peep - Beat It lyrics

Yeah, I thought I had a feelin' before
And now you closin' the door
Because you don't want me comin' in
Yeah, I know I seen you before
Friday night at the store
You had another boy to hold your hand

Okay now I see ya, bitch
You want me to beat it, bitch?
I ain't finna beat it no, no
She said 'why you so conceited, bitch?'
Yeah, I got my reasons bitch
Why the fuck you geekin' hoe, oh
Blood on the nikey switch
'Cause I had to bite the bitch
Blood steady leakin' hoe, oh
Shawty lookin' tasty though
Free Yung Bruh, Lil Tracy, hoe
I make shawty scream it oh, oh
I'ma little angel though
I can see your anger though
I just can't believe it oh, oh
She said, 'I'm in danger woah'
I don't see no danger hoe
I'm the one that's creepin' oh, oh
Maybe I'll see you at the strip club
Maybe I'll never see your ass again
Maybe I'll see you when the gig's up
Why you faking?
Why you playing pretend?


Cover: Lil Peep - Beat It
  • California Girls

  • Year
  • 2016

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