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Organ Donors - Moggerfoogin (Kutski HDA Intro Mix) lyrics

I don't know which came first, shitty rave music or the drugs
Did these guys make, come up
You know get their Macintosh computers out and hire DJ Kutski
Oh wow, it's Jungle, Trance, hip-hop fucking shit music
And so, I wonder if it was just these, these non-music fuckheads
Who were, you know, sitting in their house one day
And they dicked around on a Macintosh and they go like, "listen"

Wow man you're brilliant we'll put you on the cover of NME
You're fucking genius man, you fucking genius
Okay, so I wonder what came first, the shitty music, or the drugs
So you make music that shitty and everyone sits there
And goes "god, this sucks!"
No no, take these drugs
Play, play, play the record again
Fuck that's so good!

Can you feel it?

Oh yeah [?x]

Can you feel it?

Oh yeah [2x]
Cover: Organ Donors - Moggerfoogin (Kutski HDA Intro Mix)
  • Hard Dance Awards 2011

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  • 2011

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From the stand up act 'Henry Rollins: Up for It' (2001).
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