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Angerfist & Tieum - Shitty Rave Track lyrics

There is nothing like going to a Euro music festival and hanging out with these like super-self-important guys who carry suitcases of records (records, records...)

You go tsji-ki-tsji-ki-tsji-ki-tsji..
You can kiss my fucking ass, okay?

God this sucks (fuck!)

Fuck on the floor and break shit (fuck!)

So I wonder what came first, the shitty music, or the drugs
So you make music that shitty
And everyone sits there and goes; "god, this sucks!"
No, no, take these drugs!
"Play the.... play the record again
Fuck that's so good!" (good, good...)
You can kiss my fucking ass, okay?

God this sucks (fuck!)

What the fuck?!

And what are you?
-"I'm a musician, man, I'm a DJ"
You're a fucking thief of music
You're a record player (-player)

What the fuck happened, you guys?!
Where's the balls?!
I mean, are-are these people born without testosterone?!

God this sucks (fuck!)
Fuck that's so good! (good, good...)

I don't know which came first, shitty rave music or the drugs
Okay like -dead-, these guys may come up, get their Macintosh computers out and hire DJ Fuckhead

Cover: Angerfist & Tieum - Shitty Rave Track
  • Just Know Shitty Rave

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  • 2011

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  • May 26, 2010 by Imil

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From the comedy act 'Henry Rollins: Up for It' (2001)

walbier 13 years, 4 months ago
Here's the video that they used for the samples ;)

NuclearDuckie 13 years, 7 months ago
The full version – like, 95% of the track – is now on the MoH Podcast (Ep2), so ... maybe we should fill out the rest of the lyrics as well now.
NuclearDuckie 13 years, 7 months ago
What about all the "you're a record player player"/"where's the balls" stuff later on?
Imil 13 years, 9 months ago
I think the rules nowadays are to wait for the full release (web/vinyl) before actually adding a album or such. (since it's marked as preview)
Cauterite 13 years, 9 months ago
can have Italian Mayhem as the release for now i suppose.
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