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The Clamps - Utilitarianism lyrics

We need to maintain the proper balance of anxiety and fear
Chaos and horror in order to keep life going
And if we don't have that, we need to invent it

Everyone has their position
Everyone is in their place

We must all of us, on this train of life
Remain in our allotted stations
We must each of us occupy
Our preordained particular positions

Now, as in the beginning, I belong to the front
You, belong to the tail
When the foot seeks the place of the head, a sacred line is crossed
Know, keep your place
Be a shoe

Everyone has their preordained position
And everyone is in their place, except you
That's what people in the best place say to the people in the worst place

Cover: The Clamps - Utilitarianism
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  • 2014

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Released for free. Source is the movie Snowpiercer (2013).

3 lyrics with the source Snowpiercer
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