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Hellfish & Bryan Fury - Baby Eaters lyrics

I know what people taste like

I know that babies taste best

I know what people taste like

What we'll eat? [2x]

Babies taste best

What we'll eat?
Flesh [2x]

What we'll eat?

Eat, babies

Now we have the, the heaviest of the cleavers here, the D5 meat cleaver
And the bigger brother, much bigger brother is the D12
Uh, this is actually the small D12
There's two more that are larger yet and goes up to about
This one's about 700 grams, this one is 500, the D5 is 500 grams
About 700 grams, there's an 800 gram and then 900 change gram
Uh, just so you know
And that's for really heavy-duty chopping, we'll get to that in a second
Uh, but for most people the D5 is more than enough

Takes a couple of hacks, but uh, not a big deal
Now if you're more serious and you would get it's larger cousin, again
Hehe, no mess
It does very nicely, uh that brings us to for the largest of the bones
The back, the spine is quite thick, it's five millimeter spine
And you can see here, so this is also like a hammer to break the bone
So, probably very difficult to chop through
I'm going to give it a chop first and if that doesn't work we'll break it

Cover: Hellfish & Bryan Fury - Baby Eaters
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Partly from the movie "Snowpiercer" (2013).
Ending dialogue is from the Youtube video "D-5 & D-12 Maestro Wu Bombshell Steel Meat Cleavers Pork Chopping Demo" by Jende Industries.

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