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13 years, 11 months ago Rotterdam Terror Corps - Hardcore In Mijn Oren lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
I think it might be "pleur me in een hal met 15,000 wauzen" where you have put (...). Then again, it could be "gooi" as opposed to pleur.
13 years, 11 months ago Tha Playah vs Evil Activities - Imperial lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
I am pretty sure it is "Maniac killer on the microphone"
13 years, 11 months ago Nosferatu - Pop Goes The Pistol (Dj J.D.A. Remix) lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
"Get (...) with respect" I think this is "Get mad disrespect" Also, isn't this song called Myztic vs. Myrmidon - Pop Goes Da Pistol?