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7y, 8M ago DJ Mad Dog - B.O.B. lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
The first line should be: 'Welcome in the refrigerator' and it makes the most sense no matter what is written in an unofficial source as I know. Proposes to hear it again but this time objectively.
7y, 8M ago DJ Mad Dog - B.O.B. lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Pain was right, it's 'I'll show you hard!' @Predaking, I think so.
7y, 8M ago Dj Mad Dog Ft. Amnesys - Game Over lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Missing source: TV Talk Show Digital Age Words were uttered by James D. Zirin [youtube][/youtube]
7y, 8M ago Roland & Sherman - Jonge Edammer lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Original melody is taken from the game - "Lazy Jones" by David Whittaker (1984). Original track: Lazy Jones - Stardust.
7y, 9M ago Satronica & Unexist - Fuck The System lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]