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Posted by atomicoz - 2012-07-01New month brings new stuff. From today you can also give your opinion by rating lyrics. It looks and works the same as in the free tracks-section and shows in the top10s, weekly lyrics, etc.

Also lots of improvements to the free tracks-section if you haven't been on lately. top10, mini-previews, shuffle, shows lyrics, etc. (+ many more free tracks now :))

For the ones not up to date, it's the section started last month with free tracks by established artists like Knife Party, Wildstylez, Avicii, Art Of Fighters, etc. Tracks don't expire (zippy/etc) or hit limits (soundcloud) and you can listen/rate them through the waveform player

Minuki 12 years ago
Well, it's only been two days, I'm sure it'll pick up :­p
Payne 12 years ago
hah nice improvent but unfortunately it is rarely used :/
H4LHitout 12 years ago
Atom it's so awesome how you always come up with new stuff to improve the site, we love you! <3
H4LHitout, pissing you off in a polite way.
Rez 12 years ago
When did this become a thing?
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