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Hamunaptra Feat. Ruffneck And Ophidian - Flying Saucer lyrics

Reports are coming in from all over the Empire, from all around the world.
The Government has not yet issued a statement, but there seems to be no question that there actually is a large, unidentified object circling the earth at incredible speed.

[VERY VERY vaguely] We interrupt this program to give you a bulletin just received from one of our naval units at sea.

[inaudible] reports no tracking data from the C-band radar at the Merritt Island Tracking Station has been reported of, uh, any objects.

We still don't know what it is or where it's from ' but we do know there's something there. It's been tracked around the world by radar traveling at a rate of four thousand miles an hour.
This is not another 'flying saucer... scare.

This is not another 'flying saucer... scare.


[inaudible, contains 'guarding system']

Cover: Hamunaptra Feat. Ruffneck And Ophidian - Flying Saucer
  • Various - A Gathering Of Styles Part 03

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  • 2008

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Featuring radio/TV reports from the movie 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' (1951) and audio fragments from NASA.
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