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Akille & Amelia Liz & Ollie Deane - Don't Let Go lyrics

If you don't want to
Then you don't have to
Get away

And I still can't feel you
In my reflection
You're all I see

I can't keep running away
You take me out of this space
Don't let me go out too far
I can't forget who you are

I'm gently floating away
Can't feel the breeze on my face
I'm tryin' to keep you right here
But you don't want to

Don't let go [4x]

I'm out to get you
With no direction
I'm stuck at sea

I'm still surrounded
In deep blue water
I still can't breathe

Don't let go [8x]

Cover: Akille & Amelia Liz & Ollie Deane - Don't Let Go
  • Don't Let Go

  • Year
  • 2024

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#2 Daily Trance

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