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Escuro - From The Inside lyrics

Sometimes we all want to bury our past
But the real question is:
What do we do to change our future?

You have tried to take your own life
Because you cannot endure the mental pain of everyday life
Here's the light to the end of your tunnel
Only remain in the darkness
There is no escape
You live alone, isolating yourself, to avoid the stress of reality
Pain will be easy
Rotting you from the inside

Scattered into pieces

Rotting you from the inside

Pain will be easy

Now you see that the face we show to the world
Is not always the face we see in the mirror
Your words have changed how people perceive me
Regardless of the truth
Know that your words are useless
What is left?

Day after day you live alone, isolating yourself
To avoid the stress of reality (stress of reality [2x])
There is no escape

Pain will be easy

What is left?
Cover: Escuro - From The Inside
  • From The Inside

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  • 2024

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