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Valido - Riot lyrics

Tensions escalated throughout the day
Resulting in confrontations, property damage and numerous arrests
Both protestors and individuals engaged in looting
Faced law enforcement responses
Including tear gas and rubber bullets

Let's-let's-let's-let's start a riot!

Burn it to the - ground!

Let's start a riot!


City officials are assessing the extent of the damage
And have assured residents that efforts will be made to restore order
Investigations are underway to hold those responsible
For violence and property damage accountable

Let's start a riot
Tearing the place down
Let's start a riot
Burn it to the fucking ground!

Let's start a - riot [2x]
Let's start a ri-
Let's start a riot!

Bu-bu-burn it to-to-to the ground!

Burn it to the ground!

Let's start a riot!

Cover: Valido - Riot
  • Riot

  • Year
  • 2024

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