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Alan Morris & Denise Rivera - One Day At A Time lyrics

The words are clear
And they hit hard
It's like sunshine on a perfect day
But my walls come crashing down
My world stands still
And this earth keeps on spinning
We're walking on a heartbeat
While time is calling out

You know I won't lose hope
Embrace the moment and brave the storm
Even though I'm in the darkness
I can still feel the light shine through
No matter what they say

Every day a new beginning
Every day a brand new start
I will make the commitment
To live closer to my heart
Every day another challenge
Every day a baby step
I will keep on moving forward
Moving closer to my heart

One day at a time [6x]

Cover: Alan Morris & Denise Rivera - One Day At A Time
  • One Day At A Time

  • Year
  • 2024

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#1 Daily Trance

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