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Collusion - Red Room lyrics

Only eternal darkness

The term red rooms has gained notoriety
Within the shadow realms of the dark web
Captivating imaginations and sparking intense debates
About their existence and nature
Red rooms are reported to be live streamed events
Where individuals pay to witness
And even participate in heinous acts of
Violence, torture and murder

Entering the red room

Violence, torture and murder
And murder


(And murder)
Violence, torture and murder

Welcome to the world of the dark web
A digital underworld where the line between reality and nightmare
Is blurred beyond recognition
But within this abyss of cyber shadows
There exists a legend
A legend whispered in hushed tones
Feared by many and sought by few
They call it the red room

There is no hope, no salvation
Only eternal darkness

Violence, torture and murder [2x]

Three, two, one

Cover: Collusion - Red Room
  • Red Room

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  • 2024

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