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Sanctuary & Unlocked - Gold Dust lyrics

It's like gold dust
You hear me coming through your speakers
You see me mashin' up your airwaves
I know you can't get enough of my sound

There's no place to hurt, so start the fight, I'm gonna get it
Tallest running for me, baby, you're gonna regret it
I can't understand why you can't free yourself and let it
Go, go, go, go

Got you in my palm, now listen good, you can't escape it
Bring you to my world and hold you, see if you can take it
Don't you be afraid, I know you're strong enough to make it
Go, go, go

It's like gold dust
You hear me coming through your spe-ea-kers

Spe-ea-kers [2x]

Everything your life's been searching for's in this direction
Come a little closer, don't you feel the intersection?
We gon' take you down and then we gonna keep you sweating
Go, go, go, go

Let's get- [2x]

Cover: Sanctuary & Unlocked - Gold Dust
  • Gold Dust

  • Year
  • 2024

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#5 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

2 lyrics with the source DJ Fresh - Gold Dust
1 Jan Fleck Gold Dust Remix Hardtechno/Schranz 2012
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