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4i20 & Klipsun - Arcane lyrics

Since the beginning of time there has been magic in the world
In ages past when magic, science and religion were one
People thought the magic of the earth made the sun rise and set
It changed the seasons and brought feast or famine
But who were the first magicians?

Let's begin

You're about to witness it's not magic
It's purely science

Every magic trick consists of three parts or acts
The first part is called the pledge
The magician shows you something ordinary
A deck of cards, a bird or a man
Perhaps he asks you to inspect it
To see if it is indeed real

But you wouldn't clap yet
Because making something disappear isn't enough
You have to bring it back
That's why every magic trick has a third act

It's not magic
It's purely science

Not really looking
You don't really want to know

It's not magic
It's purely science

Cover: 4i20 & Klipsun - Arcane
  • Arcane

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  • 2024

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