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Neophyte - The Protest lyrics

Yo, check your mic
- Check, check, check
- Let's check these levels
- Yes, but just before we begin
I wanna welcome you all
Between the protest
We gon' have to to rise on this y'all

Let me spit on these cats


Okay, word, we got the sound
Let me know when the break is coming in
- Nah, there's no break, I'm just gonna go straight through
- Aight, kick that shit

Okay, word, we got the sound
Let's check these levels
Yo, this about to be fire
Level is on point
You sound good out here

Yo, you know what's up
Turn this up right now
Like that y'all
You don't stop!

Hard beats, hard rhymes, hard cutting
Wha-dot-dot-dot-dang gets the whole place jumping

Boom, bap, boom bap

I know you ain't tired
Let's change up the flow

Cover: Neophyte - The Protest
  • The Protest

  • Year
  • 2024

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