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Daley & WMD - Slutfucker lyrics

'Cause I'm the real slut butt-fucker (fucker [?x])

Yes, you know my name
It's Minya, the teenage slut butt-fucker
Now let me ask you something
Have you ever fucked a major bitch in her corn-hole?
Or cummed in the mouth of a black ghetto ho?
Like I did the last twenty years every Sunday after church
Have you ever been a member of a gang bang society?
Nope, so you better don't try to imitate me
'Cause I'm the real slut butt-fucker (fucker [?x])

Bitch, you want some more?
Ah you like it like that, huh?
Bitch, you want some more?
Yeah, work that ass [3x]

Cover: Daley & WMD - Slutfucker
  • Slutfucker / Nah Nah Nah

  • Year
  • 2005

  • Genre

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  • Approved by Payne

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Lyrics are almost identical to Lars Palmas - Gangbang Society
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