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Librarium & Bohemian - The Hive lyrics

Hive [4x]

Listen to me
I want to know who you people are
And I want to know what's going on here

Accessing schematic of the Hive

You and I have the same employer
We all work for the Umbrella Corporation
The mansion above us is an emergency entrance to the Hive
You are security operatives placed there to protect that entrance
- What about this?
- Your marriage is a fake
- Just part of your cover to protect the secrecy of the Hive
- And what is the Hive?
- Show them

The hive its-

The Hive itself is located underground deep beneath the streets of Raccoon City
A top-secret research facility
Owned and operated by the Umbrella Corporation
The Hive houses over 500 technicians, scientists and support staff
They live and work underground
Their research is of the highest importance
Its nature is classified

You're all going to die down here [2x]

Cover: Librarium & Bohemian - The Hive
  • Anger And Confusion EP

  • Year
  • 2023

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#7 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

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