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D-Fence - Hardcore Nostalgia lyrics

It's amazing how music can transport us back in time
And bring back all of those feelings and memories
The Hardcore scene is really special
It is a pretty unique and powerful experience
Which one of these quotes about Hardcore music do you relate to the most?

Hardcore will never die!

Never die! [2x]

Hardcore will never die! [3x]

It's almost like the music is assaulting your eardrums in the best possible way
Distorted kicks are what make Hardcore electronic music
So different from other electronic genres
It's like the music is punching you in the face
But you can't help but love it
If you're looking for music that will get your blood pumping
Hardcore electronic is definitely the way to go

Never die!
Hardcore will never die!

Hardcore will never die!

Cover: D-Fence - Hardcore Nostalgia
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