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Nagazaki & Iridium - Rosa Blanca lyrics

This machine was designed for me
People like you, you took my life away
Finally, with this machine I can go back
I can live the life I was supposed to have

Rosa blanca de metal

Rosa blanca de metal
¿De tal, pa' cuál, qué tal?
Mirala chupar la pepa de un mango bajito

Un mene-mene-meneadito
Chiquitito, sabrosito, riquiquí

Rosa blanca de metal
Qué tal, qué tal

Regenerated girl degenerate to generate heat in the- [3x]

Qué tal, qué tal [2x]

Como una gata
En cámara lenta

En cámara lenta

Como una gata
En cámara lenta

Como una gata [2x]
Como una [4x]
Como [?x]

Qué tal, qué tal

Como una gata [4x]

I have what I need
All that's left is the procedure
You wouldn't dare
You couldn't complete it without me

Cover: Nagazaki & Iridium - Rosa Blanca
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  • 2023

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#2 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

Lyrics based on the Original Mix (03:57)
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