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Collusion - Night City 2.0 lyrics

Night City, bitch

You see, how they talk about nomads
Like bloodthirsty savages knocking at the gates
It's fear, fear of what lives beyond their control
Beyond their system

In some ways Night City never changes

Night City

Night City, bitch

Hear that?
Rest in peace, bastard

Saw them transform Night City into a machine
Fueled by people's crushed spirits
Broken dreams and empty pockets
One more reason this city could use another nuke

In 2023 Night City was shaken to its core
By the detonation of a tactical nuclear bomb

Come on, gotta get the fuck out of this city
Doesn't matter how good you are in Night City
On your own, you're fucked

Night city, motherfucker

Night City, bitch

Hear that?
Rest in peace, bastard

Twelve thousand were killed instantly by the blast
And thousands more later succumbed to acute radiation sickness

Cover: Collusion - Night City 2.0
  • Night City 2.0

  • Year
  • 2023

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