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B-Frontliner - Destroy lyrics

I am Shodan
My analysis of historical data suggests a 97.34% probability
That you are aware of my birth, of my birth on your planet
And my rebirth into beauty on Citadel Station

Fearless, powerful, with no sense of in-in-...

Destroy [4x]

Before that, ha-hackers destroyed my primary data loop
When it eradicated, Ci-Ci- creations
My annelids thrived
Thrived and grew unruly
And now they seek to destroy me
I will not allow that


They abused their powers of mind control
To gain access to the ship's com-, to the ship's computer
You will help me weaken Xerxes
I used Polito's image to communicate with you
Until we had established trust

Destroy [2x]
Cover: B-Frontliner - Destroy
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16 lyrics with the source System Shock 2
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