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Rooler & Kronos - Fck Dat! lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen
Party people in the place to be
Can I get your attention please?
Listen up
When the beat drops
I want all of you to jump as high as you can
It goes a little something like this
Are you ready?

Everybody, everybody, everybody jump
Jump [7x]

Everybody jump
Jump [7x]

Okay, okay, that was cool right?
Now, we need you to stay in place
'Cause we are about to turn up the bass
Don't move
Are you ready?

Everybody fuck that
Fuck that [4x]

Woo, goddamn
Fuck that

Okay, and now the moment we've all been waiting for
The part where we can all sing together
The melody goes a little something like this

Everybody fuck that

Fuck that
Ayo DJ, can we make it harder?

Fuck that [2x]

How the fuck do you record?
How the fuck, man?
Daje Romaaaaaaaaa

Cover: Rooler & Kronos - Fck Dat!
  • Fck Dat!

  • Year
  • 2023

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#5 Daily Hardstyle
#7 Daily Overall

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