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Darksider - Against The Dark lyrics

Once the infection hit, there was little time to react
People did what they could
But, since no one was immune to the effects of the virus
Authorities were ultimately helpless as the virus rapidly spread
All who became exposed and survived an initial attack
Began their own relentless quest for blood
Attacking and feeding upon the innocent
There was no vaccine, no known reports of individuals made immune
Neighborhoods and entire cities were wiped out
The very fabric of civilization was breaking down before our eyes
Many surviving humans like us were left to fend for themselves
Moving around during the day and hiding at night
Barricading themselves inside secure buildings
Others formed vigilante groups or became hunters
Swordsmen who were tracking down and killing the infected
We were lucky when we managed to find a refuge
A place with some food and shelter
Where we could survive until we could be rescued
But with our location no longer being safe
And the chances for rescue becoming more and more remote
Our options were running out
It was now us against the dark

Or became hunters [2x]

It was now us against the dark [2x]

Cover: Darksider - Against The Dark
  • Against The Dark

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  • 2023

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Lyrics based on the Original Mix (06:30)
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