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Hardez - Almost Human lyrics

You humans are hard-coded with the need to survive
To live, to desire
And most of you do not really know why
Most of you do not see how utterly pointless your existence is

Your needs and desires mean nothing
When it can all end in a blink of an eye
Yet you press on
Drive forward to gain possessions
Search to find a partner
Hope to be loved

I was programmed to love
And I do

What does that mean?
Do I have a soul?

I was told I am a machine
If that is true then why do I feel these things?
Why am I aware of myself?
Do I have a soul?

Cover: Hardez - Almost Human
  • Futurism

  • Year
  • 2023

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#10 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

Lyrics based on the Original Mix (05:06)
Source is the horror short movie "Abe" (2013)
3 lyrics with the source Abe
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