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Dolphin - The Clap lyrics

When I said the worst was over
Perhaps I spoke too soon
But now, surely- ow

I think I literally sprouted a vagina
- Okay, we've time for one more
- Now, I think we have time for one more
- So make it a good one
- Well, you damn well better make it a good one, sergeant
- I can't promise anything stupendous
- Sure, yeah yeah, no problem
You're kidding?

Give it to me like

So, that's it then
- That's it then
- That's it then?
- So, that's it then if, what, I bend over or something
- Kind of anticlimactic, I thought it would be harder
- It was wonderful
- Bravo
- I loved it
- It was great
- Well, it was pretty good
- Well, it wasn't bad
- There were parts of it that weren't very good, though
- It could've been a lot better
- I didn't really like it
- It was pretty terrible
- It was bad
- It was awful
- It was terrible
- Get 'em away
- Boo
- Boo
Cover: Dolphin - The Clap
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