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Nolz - Intro lyrics

Welcome to my lyrical blueprint
This is Nocturnolz – The Album
Before we start, let me explain why I came up with the idea to create an album
I'm progressive
And on this album I want to share my vision
Of how powerful a good vocal can be
I know it's all about the music and I'm with you on that but
A good vocal can transform a track into so much more than just music
It can be the icing on the top of the cake
It gives the track a face, a name, a meaning or a feeling
So, that's the reason why I did this album
The album contains a high dose of testosterone
With a whole lot of rebel-poetry, sparring, bragging and boasting
The vocals on the album are a mix of energetic vocals
With strong, scream-along punchlines
However, I also tried to create some more sensitive vocals
That some of you can relate to
I wrote so many sensitive lines but
It just didn't fit the music
So I spiced it up a little and managed to pull it off anyways
Let's just say I like my vocals rough, clean and profound
Well, let's get down to business
Listen to my vocals and enjoy the music
Thank you for joining the Nocturnolz

Cover: Nolz - Intro
  • Nocturnolz

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  • 2018

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