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Deformer - The Messiah Complex lyrics

I'm going to ask that we all bow our heads in prayer
Every head bowed and every eye closed
You will never be the same today
Even if you refuse Christ, you'll never be the same
If Jesus claimed to be God knowing he wasn't God
Then he's a liar
Jesus Christ, who are you?
I know one thing

There is no God! [8x]

Jesus, you're a liar
You're a fraud and a hoax and you're the biggest fraud
In the history of the human race
We pray that many this day will receive that message
Accept it and act on it and live by it

Jesus Christ is a liar

Jesus Christ
Give me a sign
Help me

There is no God! [8x]
(How many times I gotta tell you?)

There is no God! [8x]

Teenagers have always been vital in God's plans
Look back through history at the way God has used teenagers to further his kingdom
It's just as true today

Oh God, I'm so confused
Help me

Cover: Deformer - The Messiah Complex
  • PRSPCT presents: The Nightmare That Is Christmas

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