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Bones - D-19 lyrics


Fucking with Bones so you already know
Take 'em back home to the roads that I know
Sleep where you sleep and you die where you born
Fuck what you know and fuck what you've been told

Shaved hair, running through the snow
Boy with the frostbit skull
Now I'm back just to tell 'em once more
The young white mac came back with the flow

Never had money or hometown pride
Every night ride like tonight we die
Town fucked up so the kids fucked up
Every day cashed, from the views to the drugs

Looking at the world the only way they know how
Throw away the time till they throw you in the ground
I don't like you, I don't like your friends
I hope you never like me, let's not pretend

Looking at the ones at the so-called top
Looking at us for the so-called props
Try to take sound but you can't take style
Can't replicate nothing that we done, get around

Move up out the way, kill yourself today
I hope you know the money that you makin' ain't a thing

Cover: Bones - D-19
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