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Bones - HereGoesNothing lyrics


Back with the shit that the world love to judge
Smoke while I strut through the mud
Say what you want, still, I done what I does
Breath of fresh air, I'm a gift to your lungs

Fuck what you say, it ain't true
Night to the day, we ain't you
Don't need to impress you, don't need to out-dress you
Just need to outlive you, so I'm eating better

Died a hundred times, now I'm back once more
The graveyard shake and the moon get low
The time get slow and the blunts never go
Unlike you when your 15 seconds over
I'm contract-sober, you deadline smoking
Locked in a deal, now you on the shelf molding
Thought this a brand Bentley, rent's poking
Now you down bad, knees locked up and they folded

Please, step away, this is just what I do now
Get the fuck 'round me if I don't know you now
Please, step away, this is just what I do now
Still in the yard that be lined with them tombs now

Cover: Bones - HereGoesNothing
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