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Audiorider - Take My Hand lyrics

One unknown celestial body

I'm gonna tell you something
You've got to have a tremendous work ethic
To be successful in here
In other words and you can relate to this
You gotta have a lot of dog in you
You really do, man, if you want to be successful
Because it's, it's going to be a lot of trying time
So you have to have a tremendous workout but
You've got to have faith
Faith without works is dead
You hear it all the time
You go to church and you learn all these scriptures
But then you don't apply none of them to your life
You're looking at a man

Cover: Audiorider - Take My Hand
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  • 2022

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Source is a motivational speech by Steve Harvey
2 lyrics with the source Steve Harvey
1 Eternum Succeed Hardstyle 2022
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