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Shafar & Shamrock - Good Hunter lyrics

Welcome home, good hunter

Beasts all over the shop
You'll be one of them sooner or later
What's that smell
The sweet blood, oh, it sings to me
It's enough to make a man sick
Too proud to show your true face

But a sporting hunt it was

Welcome home, good hunter

Good hunter, you have come

Welcome home, good hunter
I must have drifted off
What is it you desire
What? What is this?
I, I can't remember
Not a thing, only
I feel a yearning
Something I never felt before
What's happening to me?

Good hunter, you have come [2x]

You have come

Tell me hunter, could this be joy?
Good hunter, you have come

Cover: Shafar & Shamrock - Good Hunter
  • Good Hunter

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  • 2022

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