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Simox - The Signal lyrics

In a vast universe, forty billion years old
And containing five hundred billion galaxies
Science is convinced that there must exist
Or must have existed extraterrestrial intelligence
In this vastness it would seem
That there should be fullness of life out there
With this conviction, human beings have searched for it
And still search for it, incessantly

In the vastness of the universe we are not alone

Extraterrestrial intelligence

In the vastness of the universe we are not alone

Extraterrestrial signal

The G.S.A, Global Space agency
Registered a repeating signal like no other
It was coming from a galaxy billions of light years away and moving
The decision was made to construct a spaceship
Exceeding the speed of light to explore the signal
The countdown: Five, four, three, two, one

It's complete darkness and deafening silence
The signal

We take up a tiny place in the immensity of the universe

Today we know that the first contact may occur
In not too a long time
It's not easy to figure out what will happen in this first communication
If it will be something positive or harmful to human beings
What is clear is that it will be a turning point in the life

The signal

Extraterrestrial intelligence

[..] powerful signal
We are not alone

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