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Broken Minds - Humanity Part 3 lyrics

We are born unavoidably at the mercy of fate
With a blue pill in our mouths, following a preestablished path
Guided by tyrants, dictators and false prophets
They are the creators
Our fear blocks us and destroys our potential
As independent and sovereign individuals
Who use the corrupt media as a tool of terror
In which everything is aligned with a single thought
They need us to be slaves
Not at the service of a common good
But at the service of consumerism
Not as thinkers, not as dreamers
The human being has left a path of self-destruction throughout its history
In a society in which some die of hunger and others of obesity
In which some kill for politics and others for religion
In which some live with more than they need
And others with nothing
Stop for a second and ask yourself
Do we deserve heaven or hell?

Humanity [3x]

Do you want to be free?
Take the red pill by turning off that television that stuns you
Burning that newspaper with poisonous ink
Destroying the radio that deafens you
Take off the blindfold that you have on common sense
Ask yourself why you do what you do
Get out of your labyrinth
Open your eyes

Do you want to be free?
Let this melody be the only truth

Humanity [4x]

It is time for you to wake up
To open your eyes
To fight
The power of your mind is infinite
Look at the stars and feel how you can reach places you never dreamed of
Fighting, get up
And the game will be over

Cover: Broken Minds - Humanity Part 3
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Azoul 2 months, 2 weeks ago
In the second line there is a 'pill' missing after blue and the [...] is 'religion'
Thanks for the help!
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