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Gancher & Ruin - Courage lyrics

It was my first time visiting Czech Republic
I've been to clubs before
But it was only house music
So I decided to try something new
The club was so loud
And everybody is screaming
My ears were shocked
I grabbed one beer
And then I heard this

It was so fucking loud

What the fuck is going on?

Then it stopped
It was quiet for some time
I grabbed another beer
And came closer to the stage
There were so many people
So much noise and screams
And it was so fucking loud
And then I heard this

And you know?
I love it

And again: this weird sound
Something in it had a power
So hypnotizing
And it makes me move
Move [8x]
And once again

It sounds so heavy that I think I'm seeing double

Oh come on

Wait are you kidding?

Cover: Gancher & Ruin - Courage
  • Courage

  • Year
  • 2022

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