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Bones - CheddarBob lyrics

Steppin' in the function, everybody know it's Bones
I'm smokin' in my dungeon, I just want to be alone
I look like Cheddar Bob but I ain't grippin' on the Glock
I ain't hustlin' on the block 'cause they pay me just to talk

Just to be me, easy enough for me
See all I fucking do is smoke and live comfortably
New dope everyday, new Woods from the corner
It's the Blunt Gut Guy, eatin' healthy, sippin' water

Mr. Never-Take-A-Shower, still cleaner than these cowards
I don't need a gold chain for you to know that I'm grindin'
Hated school so I never went, hate the world, that's evident
You're sayin' that you're gettin' it, then why you so irrelevant?

Essence is a mixture of not ever smokin' Swishers
With a little liquor here and there, just to get the tippin'
Brown leaf whippin' down the middle like a zipper
Ain't nobody know your name, ain't nobody know you're livin'

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