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Silent Humanity - Genetic Code lyrics

What is happening to the world isn't new
The world's been breaking down since its inception
The sun spending its nuclear fuel
The planet spinning farther and farther off its axis
The continents drifting apart
Ice sheets receding and melting
Forests withering and burning
Everything's winding down, including us
Death is inevitable
It simply is
But from this death comes new life

Our decaying bodies feed the soil
And the soil, in turn, feeds the plants
And the plants, in turn, feed us and all the creatures that sustain us
It's the way it's always been
It's the way it always will be
People look around the world up there and see death everywhere they gaze
But that's not what's really there
If they looked hard enough, if they truly looked with open eyes
They would see life
But it's not their fault they don't know how to open their eyes
It's not their fault
They're seeing the way they always have

Even though now is the after
We know the truth, they don't
We can see, they can't
So, it's incumbent upon us to help them be unafraid of what's to come
Do you know the truth?
Can you see?
Can you help them be unafraid?

Cover: Silent Humanity - Genetic Code
  • Death Of Hope

  • Year
  • 2022

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