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Accuface - Pure Energy lyrics

Pure energy...

We're nothing but two lost souls when
We set out without an ending
Everyone thought we were wasting time
Oh, it was such a struggle that never ended
On no-one else, we were dependent
We did all we could to get it right

On an outbound train
The breaks from yesterday
Oooh... I always wanted to feel this way

On a sky-high plane
Hotter than all the sun's rays
And it's known to be
We are always meant to be released
To pure energy
Pure energy

Found ourseleves in a situation
Yet there always was a complication
What we wanted was so hard to find
So we had to keep on moving
Only time was time for losing
Couldn't waste a minute of our lives

We've been travelling for days
Now we're so far away
Oooh... only stars will light our way

In this close to lonely world
Sometimes I'm just a lonely girl
But you gotta know that we
Were always meant to be released
To pure energy

pure energy (4x)

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  • 2006

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