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Danger Target - Construct A Paradise lyrics

Hardstyle attack


Hardstyle attack

Go! [3x]

There ain't nothing to fear but the living fear itself
And the sound of metallic footsteps in pitch black darkness
Where pure despair collects it toll
Don't blink or close your eyes or you may see it too

When missing the solid foundation

From the dawn of time in our nation
We face a weary and unanswered situation
So hard to start and inspire creation
When missing a solid foundation

At the very start, we face termination
Synaptic failure, no more sustained narration
Lacking all reason, a loud evocation
Give up, surrender, what great and dark frustration

What is this mental obstruction
That denies all logical evaluation?
Is this the fault of our generation
That we cannot construct a paradise?

Life and death become a rationalization

A loud evocation

Hardstyle attack

Cover: Danger Target - Construct A Paradise
  • Construct A Paradise

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  • 2022

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