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Dopamine & Hawz - Death Phase lyrics

Don't listen to them!

(God's plan is unfolding, and we are its inheritors)

How can you be turning away from the Church in this vital hour?
Do not abandon your faith
What's happening on the colony is not a tragedy
It is God's...
The truth is even more fantastic
On the planet below us, we have found a marker
God's plan is unfolding, and we are its inheritors

This is what we've been searching for all these years
This is what we have been waiting for
Don't listen to them!
Come back!


Don't listen to them!

Unitology is truth
And your death is the first phase


Do not be deterred by the physical methods of transformation
Soon, you will be beyond any physical concerns
You must have faith in the process


Don't listen to them!

Cover: Dopamine & Hawz - Death Phase
  • Death Phase

  • Year
  • 2022

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