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Sefa - Dear God lyrics


Dear God, I hope you are listening

Millions of thoughts are racing through my head
Some days I feel everything and on others, I feel nothing instead
How much more should I lie to myself before you'll fall through
I'm so close to the edge while I should be close to you
And what's the difference between your heaven in the sky and heaven on Earth?
Because my perspective on heaven
Doesn't comе from my Bible or my church
For now I realize it's nеither you nor I
The noise carries my faith like a wolf's wailing cry
Here I sit and stare as my voice changes tone
It's your word against mine
My thoughts have found a home
Dear Mr. God, I don't care anymore if you're listening or not
This is my voice

Hallelujah [2x]

Cover: Sefa - Dear God
  • Klaagzang

  • Year
  • 2022

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