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Partyraiser & Bulletproof - Coco's Revenge lyrics

You all can go to hell

I am the last man standing

We've got the right to choose, and
There ain't no way we'll lose it
This is our life, this is our song
We'll fight the powers that be, just
Don't pick our destiny, 'cause
You don't know us, you don't belong

Oh, we're not gonna take it
No, we ain't gonna take it
Oh, we're not gonna take it anymore

From the cavalry, no fighting
No fighting, no fucking fighting, no fighting
No fucking fighting!

Yes, yes, yes, yes
It's midnight, again!

I'm taking you to hell with me

Keep pushing

Cover: Partyraiser & Bulletproof - Coco's Revenge
  • Coco's Revenge E.P.

  • Year
  • 2018

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#10 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

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