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Angernoizer - Dopesick lyrics

To redefine the nature of pain

What is the term for the pain an addict feels
When they're in clinical need of their next fix?
It's called dopesick

Dopesick [3x]

Hey, Billy
- Hey
- Thank you for coming
I know this, uh, this probably isn't easy on you
No, of course, um
How long you here for?
- Ninety days
I didn't know they were addictive
You know, I really believed what they were telling me


You know, at a certain point, you start to realize there's a problem
It's called dopesick


You think you can get me some pills?
I'm lucky I'm alive

I'll fսcking kill you


It's called dopesick

Cover: Angernoizer - Dopesick
  • Dopesick

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  • 2022

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