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Promo - The Jab lyrics

What we fear most looks like it's inevitable
I've decided to align with those who have all the guns
Yeah, [..] trust

Which shot is the last shot you need?

The plan is brilliant
Once all of them have taken the jab as ordered
And those who refused have either left on their own
Been removed or replaced
All it leaves behind are a group of people who will do
Whatever the fuck their government tells them to do

Which shot is the last shot you need

And it's not just Covid, no, it's heart issues, it's blood clots
And it's not just the old this time
It's everyone who took the fucking jab

They've already taken your freedom
They don't need a fucking excuse

What is the difference between the jabbed the unjabbed?
There is none
You can get it, you can pass it on and you can die from it
Now they wanna test the unjabbed
Why are they testing the jabbed?
They can get it, they can pass it on and they carry a higher viral load

So feel free to answer the question:
What's the difference?
My aspirin didn't work because you didn't take your aspirin
My condom failed me because you didn't wear a condom

Step up, motherfuckers
We're ready, we're gen xers
We ain't scared of shit

They're all sitting around a conference room table
And one person speaks up and says:
Well, it doesn't work
We've tested it on millions of people
And this jab does not work like we thought it was going to work
In fact, it may be dangerous, really dangerous
So, the question is:
Who the fuck are we gonna blame for this fiasco
Someone in the back of the room raises their hand and says:
We blame it on the ones who didn't take it
And everyone goes: Genius

Fucking jab

You guys are insane
That would never happen
You gotta get motherfucking vaccinated
We're all gonna die

The question I have to ask is this:
Who the fuck is overwhelming the hospitals now?

For the first time in history
We're blaming the ineffectiveness of a product
On the people who didn't use it

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