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Shinra Tensei - Daddy lyrics

I will make you proud daddy

Shinra Tensei

My daughter, if you can hear me
I knew you would return as well
I'm sorry that on that day
The day you were shut out and left to die
No one was there to lift you up in their arms
The way you lifted others into yours

I should have known, you wouldn't be content to disappear
Not my daughter
I couldn't save you then
So, let me save you now
It's time to rest, for you
And for those you have carried in your arms
This ends
For all of us
End communication

Into a labyrinth of sounds and smells, misdirection and misfortune
A labyrinth with no exit
A maze with no prize
You don't even realize that you are trapped


Your lust of blood has driven you in endless circles

Don't keep the devil waiting

Cover: Shinra Tensei - Daddy
  • Amaterasu

  • Year
  • 2022

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#3 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

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