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Strobe - Human Animal lyrics

This is the battle of sex as an animal act
Fucked up by your emotions
The human animal struggles vainly
To control his natural animal instincts
So it'd be better able to fit into the norm of society
A contradiction in terms

Sometimes, however, either due to chemical or hormonal imbalance
A fist of facts, or a flagrant disregard
For the outdated and inhabitional so-called code of ethics
The thin line which separates the animal from the vegetable
Is obliterated, leaving them free to intoxicate
Their need to fulfill the lowest common denominator

With the baiting of pure ignorance and a sheer force of will
They are willing to meet and greet any danger
No matter how devastating the consequences
In order to fuel the necessary agitation
Which feeds their entire existence
Without the stimulating intoxicant
The banality of their boring and miserable lives
Becomes too chronic and depressing and constant to bear
Only through the threat of constant danger
Or the imprisonment of incomprehensible pain
Can they find a suitable distraction to veer them away
From the dull reality which they seek so desperately to escape

The reality that they will never, ever
Be another Charles Manson, Jim Morrison, Jim Jones
Jack the Ripper, Tex River, Clint Eastwood, Mario Andretti
Mohammed Ali, Lenny Bruce, Lizzy Borden, Andy Warhol, or Albert Einstein

The fact that they're going to be struggling every other day
Of their lousy goddamn lives
Just to be able to afford the cost of living
Yet another hopeless rotten existence full of heart aches
Bum deals, bad trips, burnouts, rip-offs, fuck ups
And every other stinking lousy abuse you wanna fling
In the face of these poor, miserable, misfit, reject, loser outlaws
Yeah, outlaws
The kind of people that don't fit in to your society
Because to fit in would be the kiss of death
Dull, dumb, square

And I'm all for animal liberation, yeah
And the right to be a pig
Because that's what it's all about
Cover: Strobe - Human Animal
  • Human Animal

  • Year
  • 2001

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