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Nasenbluten - Intro (Arsehole Alert) lyrics

You don't need much equipment to make a record then these days?
- Um, no you can do it with a computer, a mixing desk
The sampler and you know, few sort of tape machines around
To get the end results, but er you don't need musical instruments
I mean forget those
And then of course the other thing that happened was
That the techno rave thing came along
And this technology was turned into a way
Of producing these incredibly monotonous
If you like minimalist record whose prime aim was at people who
Are actually dancing and usually, you know, this is neither a
- Out of it on ecstasy, is what you're about to say
- Yes, exactly that's the stuff I'm saying

There is for one of a better term
There is good techno music
And there is crud techno music
I hope we play
- And you are the aficionado of the good techno music, I understand?
- We preside over what is good and what is bad
- Because it just gets a bit too much doesn't it?
- Well...
- And some of those tracks are like twelve minutes long
And they're all like boom-chika-boom-chika, is this
- Here, here I like that a lot of that kind of music
Erm, but you know for the people at home that
You know, cooking dinner or whatever
They're probably not gonna get into it that much
Maybe they will
- Maybe
- Maybe I'm a complete fool

Cover: Nasenbluten - Intro (Arsehole Alert)
  • You're Going To Die

  • Year
  • 1993

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For context:

Jeremy Beadle is a T.V presenter and radio host. Most will remember him as the star of Beadle's About, a hidden camera practical joke show. He unfortunately passed away in 2008.

Jeremy J. Beadle is a Journalist, Author and Broadcaster. He wrote a book called Will Pop Eat Itself, documenting his experiences with electronic music and the rave scene. Much of this was talked about on various Radio Programs and T.V programs, most which ended up sampled on this cassette. He passed away in 1995.

Both of these people were from the UK.
2 lyrics with the source Jeremy J. Beadle
1 Nasenbluten 1 Hardcore/Early 1993
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