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Visceral - The Signal lyrics

2046, the global energy crisis
No one thought it would happen so fast
The whole world just went dark
Gasoline, coal, any form of energy
Became the world's most valuable resource
We fought for it, we died for it
The wealthiest among us built towering cities in the sky called risers
Where they could be safe
The rest of us were forced to fend for ourselves on the streets
Now called the lowers
Two years ago, scientist Daniel Miller
Created a new energy source called The Signal
Riser officials immediately began production on a transmitter

[..] anomaly detected

The signal [3x]

[..] anomaly detected

The signal transmitter, located in the lower district
Now generates power for the entire city
Despite this, it's rumored to cause sickness
And even death to those exposed to its transmission
A condition they call signal poisoning
Riser officials deny the allegations
But, they're still searching for Daniel Miller

The signal

Cover: Visceral - The Signal
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Source is the short film "The Signal" by Marcus Stokes
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