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Sickmode & Levenkhan & Rooler - LESGOOO! lyrics

You know what the fuck's going on
Levenkhan, Rooler, Sickmode, gang gang
Are we gonna get like this, this aha?

Cash rules all around me, so don't doubt me
She found me, now she wanna fuck me in the lobby, yeah
We came into scene to make this cash flow
One day see us whippin' in a Lambo

Shawty got an ego, she ain't ride or die
I pull up with my gang, we celebrate tonight
We pop another bottle, 'cause the feeling's right
Everyday we lit, we say it all the time

Every time that I wrote
Every line, every time that I spoke
Levenkhan, Rooler and Sickmode
Man, you know we the goats

Levenkhan, Rooler, Sickmode, gang gang
(They are a gang)

Make that booty clap, bitch


Make that booty (clap, bitch)

Le-le-le-le-let's go

Ey, you

Le-le-le-le-let's go

(Make that booty clap), bitch

Make that booty clap, bitch

Le-le-le-le-let's go

Okay, let's go

Cover: Sickmode & Levenkhan & Rooler - LESGOOO!
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